quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

Hey... You!!!

I am the Temptation ...
... calling your name...
Horny. As. Hell.
But then again, when am I not?
Just Me

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Lolita disse...

Foto maravilhosa :)

Anónimo disse...

"...out there in the cold,
getting lonelly, getting old,
can you feel me?
Hey you,
standing in the isles
with ichi feet and fading smiles,
can you feel me?

Hey you,
don't help them to burry the light.
Don't give in without a fight."

Desculpa, mas o titulo fez-me vaguear para terrenos adorados e conhecidos...


Anónimo disse...

Temptation... sweet temptation :P

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